Game Room Furniture

When it’s time to up the fun factor in your home, there is no better option than a game room. It will increase your resale value, encourage family interaction, and impress your friends. What more could you ask for from a room? And when you equip your game room with high-quality game room furniture from Porch & Patio, you can plan on enjoying it for many years to come. So what should you get to make your game room the place to be? How about one (or more!) of these:

Pool Table

Rylee_51_finish_room_setting_1024x1024When you think of game room furniture, a pool table is likely the first thing to come to mind. That’s because it’s a classic, and it will not disappoint. As soon as your guests see the collection of cues and billiard balls, they won’t be able to contain their excitement. Since quality is always a priority at Porch & Patio, we have opted to carry the Legacy Billiards brand. Their solid wood tables made with superior craftsmanship will add sophistication and beauty to your game room. Porch & Patio will also be carrying the Connelly Billiards brand. For some customers, knowing that their tables are built in Texas says a a lot about the brands commitment to quality. It also gives you the ability to customize your table easily.

Ping Pong Table

1229931_621826134527336_512728062_nWhether you want a ping pong table to use inside or out, our selection will not disappoint. Made from the highest quality materials, one of our tables will last through many ping pong tournaments with family and friends. And since they are easily foldable, you can always store them away when not in use. Porch & Patio will be carrying indoor & outdoor ping pong tables from Kettler.We will also have ping pong tables from Legacy Billiards.

Foosball Table

81FoGDAFf7L._SL1500_There’s just something about the swinging plastic soccer players that make this game room furniture irresistible. Play with a partner or make an entire event out of it. And since this game table takes up so little space, it’s easy to add into any game room. Porch & Patio carries Tornado Foosball tables.

Shuffleboard Table

Bring back memories from your yesteryears with a sturdy, expertly crafted shuffleboard table. The game is very challenging, a little bit addicting, and a lot of fun. Porch & Patio carries Legacy Billiards Shuffleboard. Plus, there is an entire game room furniture collection made to match it, so no interior decorator is required. We also carry Chanpion Shuffleboards. They own Sun-Glo Corporation, who make shuffleboard wax & accessories.

Poker Table

Elite Game Set 50 finishSure, you could always play on your kitchen table, but what fun is that? With a professional poker table added to your game room, you will feel like you are playing at a high-stakes table in Vegas. And who doesn’t want that? Legacy Billiards has a full line of gorgeous poker tables that compliment your game room furniture.

Pub Table/Spectator Chairs

Sterling_Pub_with_Game_Top_51_finish_1024x1024Now that you have the types of tables you want picked out, it’s time to complete your space. With our vast selection of exquisite game room furniture from Legacy Billiards, featuring everything from bars to pub tables to spectator chairs, your guests will be able to lounge in style.

Air Hockey

81WijGdYJqL._SX425_Porch & Patio will carry professional-caliber air hockey tables by Tornado and Gold Standard Games/Shelti. These built to last tables combine all the features for fast-paced fun for your very own game room.

Gaming Accessories

Sterling Dartboard Cabinet 51 finish openFrom pool cue racks to dart boards to shuffleboard bumpers, we have everything you need to complete your game room with panache.

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