Enjoy Your Patio through October (and Beyond)

Outdoor Accessories for Colder Weather

Unfortunately, summer is over. There is nothing you can do about that. However, if you aren’t quite ready to give up your relaxing evenings on the patio, then not all hope is lost. With a few changes here and a couple of additions there, you will be able to enjoy your patio long into the fall season.

Block Out the Rain

One telltale sign of cooler weather is an increase in precipitation. It’s probably too soon for snow (hopefully!), but you can bet on some rain making an appearance. And since you don’t want to get soaked in your yard without a pool being involved, you probably want to block the rain. You can do this easily with a retractable awning. Keep it closed when the sun is out, but effortlessly extend it when the gray clouds show up.

Warm Up the Furniture

If you have ever tried sitting on your wrought iron furniture first thing in the morning, then you know how cold that stuff gets! So you can only imagine how freezing it might be if you attempt to use it when the weather is below sixty degrees during the day. Luckily, there is an easy solution, and it’s called cushions. There is an abundance of stylish, comfortable cushions available that are made to last right through the cold season with you. Put them on your wood, aluminum, and iron furniture to make sure you are cozy no matter where you decide to sit.

Increase the Heat

Of course, the most obvious way to improve the livability of your patio during the fall is to add some radiant heat. Our Lava Heat Italia outdoor propane heaters come in both tabletop and full-standing versions, allowing you to customize how much heat you want, and just where you want it to be. And since they are so elegantly designed, they also bring some sophistication to your space.

Amp Up the Ambiance

If you want your heat source to give you even more of an ambiance, then a fire pit fits the bill. You can choose from a unique wine barrel fire pit from Vin de Flame, or one of the stunning fire Oriflamme tables by Designing Fire. Even if you opt for a fire pit from OW Lee or Tropitone, you can’t go wrong with the versatility these tables provide. Most of them serve as an elegant heat source, a place to set your drinks, and a centerpiece for conversation.

Just because the weather is starting to change, that doesn’t mean you have to give up your summer lifestyle just yet. With the help of retractable awnings, durable cushions, and some powerful heat sources, you will be able to outsmart Mother Nature. Soon, you will come to love fall evenings just as much as you crave summer ones.

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