How to Extend Your Living Space with Outdoor Furniture

Ask any homeowner, what’s the one thing they want above all else, and the answer is likely the same: more space. While interior remodels, additions, and ADUs are all strategies for expanding livable areas at home, indoor-outdoor spaces are becoming especially popular.

Here’s a closer look at the trend, along with how you can extend your indoor living space with high-quality outdoor furniture to create more usable square footage.

The Indoor-Outdoor Imperative

Outdoor spaces have the potential to be versatile retreats suitable for everything from relaxing in the shade to hosting gatherings with friends and family. However, traditional outdoor spaces are inherently limited.

Aside from weather-related challenges that can render porches, patios, backyards, and pool decks useless, there’s another common issue with conventional exterior spaces: comfort. Historically, outdoor furniture has put practicality above all else. As a result, these areas can be less than welcoming in terms of both look and feel.

But the reality is that if the true goal is to provide more livable space, then outdoor areas must be beautiful, comfortable, and functional. Otherwise, people simply won’t want to spend time there. That’s where the new generation of outdoor furniture from Porch & Patio comes in.

Rather than being entirely utilitarian (think your grandma’s old wooden picnic table and bench combo), these enhanced offerings are made with high-quality materials engineered for weather resistance while also being as aesthetically pleasing as they are comfortable. But perhaps the most appealing thing about modern outdoor furniture, is it blends traditionally “indoor” design aesthics with these exterior necessities like weather-proof materials.

When it comes to creating outdoor living spaces, the most successful approaches seamlessly blend interior and exterior elements to achieve a cohesive result across look, feel, and flow.

Choosing the Best Indoor-Outdoor Furniture

Many factors go into achieving inviting outdoor spaces that offer shelter from the elements while also expanding your home’s functional footprint. At the top of the list? High-quality outdoor furniture.

Depending on your goals for your porch, patio, or other exterior settings, your outdoor furniture options may include elements like:

  • Plenty of comfy deep seating in the form of sofas, loveseats, loungers, Adirondack chairs, swings, and hammocks.
  • Attractive yet hearty dining furniture, such as dining tables in larger areas and bistro sets in smaller spaces.
  • Outdoor bars and barstools for entertaining.
  • Fire features, such as outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and fire tables.

The best outdoor furniture should offer a blend of functionality, durability, and aesthetics. Materials such as teak, aluminum, synthetic wicker, and wrought iron are popular picks for outdoor furniture thanks to their ability to withstand bad weather while retaining their beauty.

Just as you prioritize beautiful indoor furniture, the same should apply to outdoor furniture, which should express your unique personal taste and style. One way to create indoor-outdoor harmony? Echo indoor design elements like the color scheme, design style, and finishes in your outdoor space. Comfort should also be a top priority, which is one of the reasons why deep seating for leisure and relaxation is a must.

Of course, creating versatile indoor-outdoor spaces isn’t just about furniture, but also its arrangement. If you’re working with a decent amount of square footage, consider carving out purposeful areas (or “zones”), which will help you maximize functionality while catering to different events and activities. For example, a large backyard outdoor entertaining area might comprise a gathering area, dining area, and relaxation nook.

You’ll also want to allow for free and easy movement around the space, as well as in and out of your home.

Beyond Furniture: Welcoming Indoor-Outdoor Rooms

While furniture may be the most important factor to indoor-outdoor comfort and functionality, other elements are also critical to facilitating the perfect ambiance.

From umbrellas and canopies (which provide essential shade as well as pops of color) to lighting (which extends your space’s usability while also setting the mood), outdoor accessories play a vital role in transforming ordinary exterior spaces into extraordinary ones. Other elevating accessories for outdoor rooms include plush and colorful cushions, rugs, curtains, and other textiles, plants and greenery, water features, bar carts, game tables, and outdoor sound systems.

Whether you’re just starting to source ideas and inspiration for a possible upgrade to your outside living room or you’re already ready to execute your vision for your indoor-outdoor living room, dining room, or other area, Porch & Patio can help! To learn more about how our beautiful, functional, and weather-resistant outdoor furniture can help you bring your vision to life, visit our Orange, CT store.


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