Five Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Fire Pit Area

A fire pit enhances your backyard by creating a place for people to gather, relax, and warm up on chilly nights. Fire pits also add ambiance to exterior areas and can turn an otherwise dark backyard into a cozy haven. However, making the most of a home fire pit isn’t as simple as buying one and plopping it down somewhere. These five tips can help you create a warm and welcoming outdoor fire pit space.

1. Choose the Right Location

We’ve all heard the real estate phrase, “Location is everything.” This applies to backyard fire pits, too. While it’s possible to place your fire pit in the center of your patio if you have a lot of space or have a symmetrical design in mind, one of the most common fire pit design ideas is to offset it to one side. This helps to create separate zones for different activities. Your fire pit should be balanced on the other side by another focal point, which could be anything from an outdoor bar or water feature to a tree or arbor.

When selecting your fire pit’s location, keep your yard’s wind patterns in mind, especially if you have a wood-burning fire pit. Make sure it’s placed in a way that minimizes smoke within the space. And don’t forget to look into whether your neighborhood or town has rules and regulations regarding the placement of fire features. If not, one general design rule suggests placing wood-burning fire pits no closer than 10 feet to any structures.

Lastly, be sure to measure the space and consider the shapes you’re working with before buying a patio fire pit.

2. Know Your Needs

Your guests will be drawn to the fire pit on cool nights, so make sure you have enough seating for them. Because your seating needs may differ depending on the gathering you’re hosting, aim to select chairs and couches that can be rearranged depending on the size of the group. Be sure to allow enough room for standing and foot traffic, as well.

It’s not just about having enough seating – you should also arrange it wisely. Gathering seats around the fire pit is an excellent way to facilitate conversation while creating a focal point. Not everyone will congregate here, however, so other conversation areas are important, too. For example, you could place stools at the outdoor bar or chat-height tables near a television viewing area. This ensures that the space is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of experiences.

3. Invest in Furniture That Fuses Form and Function

Exterior furniture is often an afterthought, but as the popularity of outdoor entertaining continues to skyrocket, homeowners are spending more time in their exterior spaces. With this in mind, doesn’t it make sense to ensure your outdoor areas look and feel great? These spaces are as much an expression of your personal taste and style as your home’s interior, so be sure to choose furniture you love. The good news? There are more options than ever before when it comes to outdoor seating and other furniture. Homeowners now have their pick of styles, materials, fabrics, and finishes.

While chic seating adds to the aesthetic of the space, comfort is equally important – especially if you plan to keep the party going into the night. Deep seating options, including chairs and sofas with cozy cushions, are especially comfortable for lounging.

Lastly, pay attention to durability and cleanability. This will save you not only the drudgery of cleaning, but also replacement costs down the line for furniture that failed to hold up to seasonal wear and tear.

4. Let There Be Light

While a fire pit adds light to outdoor areas after dark, it’s insufficient as a light source in and of itself. Bringing in other fixtures ensures that people will have enough illumination while eating and socializing. In addition to outdoor sconces, chandeliers, and other lighting options, globe lights strung across the backyard help set a magical mood. And while candles may seem basic, there’s nothing more elegant than the flicker of candlelight in the night.

5. Be Consistent for Cohesion

Creating an outdoor space from scratch can seem overwhelming, but many designers swear by one rule of thumb for getting it right: Stick with the same materials, themes, and colors throughout the area. From wood finishes to fabric hues, staying within this scheme supports a harmonious result.

In fact, as we continue to move in the direction of blended indoor and outdoor living, using the same or similar materials for your exterior and interior spaces supports seamless transitions throughout.

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