Fire Pits are hotter than hot!

There is nothing more enjoyable in the summer than gathering friends and family together to enjoy your outdoor casual living space, but as the sun fades away, so does the warm air. The perfect solution to extending your time spent outside is a fire pit. It adds visual interest to decks and patios as well as adding heat. Plus, it can extend your casual living season in the New England area when used in the Spring & Fall.

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Fire pits are becoming increasingly common features of backyards everywhere. There are several factors you should consider when choosing a fire pit. The casual living experts at Porch & Patio are happy to help you to find the right fire pit for your needs. Fire pits range in shape, size and function. You can choose a portable fire pit or one that is stationary. You should also know the dimensions that will work in your space. We carry everything from a simple fire pit bowl to a large fire pit table surrounded by comfortable deep seating.

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You should also consider your fuel source and the advantages that each offer. The simplest fire pits use wood but you will constantly need to fuel the flame. If you are looking for something extremely portable and relatively inexpensive, then a wood burning fire pit is a good way to go. Natural gas is fed to the fire pit by a gas line that attaches to your home, so it’s likely that if you choose this option, your fire pit will need to be stationary. Natural gas can be seen as more convenient than propane, since you’ll never need to run to the store for a tank refill. They also have features such as remote-controlled starters. With that said, propane in tanks can be attached to a fire pit, meaning the whole operation can then be moved depending on where you want the focal point of your backyard gathering to be located. So choosing what fuel source works best for you will depend on cost and availability.


The more popular styles are built into an attractive fire pit table. There also are convertible tables, on which the pit comes with a cover that makes a complete table when not used as a pit. Another new trend in fire pits is the burning materials. Instead of lava rocks or ceramic logs, people can use glass crystals. The glass crystals come in a variety of colors. The glass crystals will not burn, melt or lose their color and since there is no soot or ashes, maintenance is minimal.


Choose the perfect spot in your outdoor living space to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a fire pit. All you have to do is invite the family & friends over to gather around and enjoy it!



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