Fire Pits & Fire Tables for Outdoor Entertaining

Just because the summer season is officially over, that doesn’t mean it’s time to bid adieu to outdoor entertaining just yet. Not even close. In fact, with a fire pit or fire table from Porch & Patio, you have many more months of outdoor entertaining in your future.

Reasons to Invest in a Fire Pit

Can you picture your friends and family gathered around your fire pit when the rest of the neighborhood is stuck inside? It will be amazing. Here’s why we suggest adding a fire pit or fire table to your exterior furniture lineup:

  • The top reason to invest in a fire pit is for its warmth. Not only will a fire pit allow you to enjoy the night sky as the leaves are falling, but once summer comes around again, it will permit outdoor entertaining long after the sun goes down.
  • Fire pits serve as an incredible way to spruce up the décor of your patio. The fire pits we carry are a lot more than just a pit for the fire and some legs. Our fire pits vary from rustic wine barrel fire pits by Vin de Flame to luxurious, customizable cast aluminum fire tables from Homecrest, so there is sure to be something that matches your design aesthetic flawlessly.
  • Finally, fire pits and fire tables provide the most amazing conversational centerpiece. With comfortable seating surrounding your fire pit, it is sure to be the backdrop for many memories.

You Have Ample Fire Pit Options:

Now that you can see the benefits of getting a fire pit or fire table for outdoor entertaining, let’s take a look at the vast array options you have:

  • Styles – As mentioned, we carry several different brands of fire pits and fire tables that offer a huge variety of design styles, complementing both modern and traditional aesthetics. The brands we display in our showroom include Woodard, Castelle, Homecrest Outdoor Living, and Vin de Flame.
  • Heights – Many of the fire tables from Homecrest Outdoor Living are available in the standard coffee table height, as well as dining height and balcony height.
  • Materials – We offer fire pits made from both aluminum and iron, as well as the wine barrel fire pits crafted from actual wine barrels. Some of the aluminum fire tables are even designed to mimic the look of wicker.
  • Fuel Source – Most of the fire pits and fire tables we carry operate on propane gas, which means they light instantaneously and require very little maintenance. However, for a stronger heat source (along with smoke), wood-burning fire pits are also available.

When you invest in a fire pit or fire table from Porch & Patio, it doesn’t matter what the calendar says, outdoor entertaining can be yours whenever you see fit. Stop by our Orange, Connecticut, showroom today to discover just how incredible our fire pits are.


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