Game Room Furniture Essentials

What is something that brings the family together, away from their electronic devices, and makes for epic parties? That’s right, a game room. At Porch & Patio in Orange, Connecticut, we are all about creating spaces for you and your loved ones to get together and create lasting memories, and we are proud to offer the finest game room supplies available. Here are the game room essentials you need to get started:

The Main Event: Game Tables

First things first, you have to choose what type of game room you want to have. We carry several different types of game tables that are great for kids of all ages, allowing the whole family to play together. Depending on the size of your game room, you may even be able to fit more than one for even more good times. Here is a look at some of the game tables we have available:

  • Pool Table – The first game table most people think of as a game room essential is a pool table. From the strategic moves required to the ability to play as teams, pool tables can provide hours of family fun. We carry top-quality pool tables made in the USA, and their beauty will bring your game room to life.
  • Ping Pong Table –The fast-moving action of ping pong is never to be underestimated and can provide some epic tournaments. Our high-end ping pong tables can be easily stored out of the way when not in use, so it is a perfect addition to a game room with limited space.
  • Shuffleboard – Yes, it takes skill, and yes, it is a lot of fun. The classic game of shuffleboard can be an excellent side event in any game room since the table takes up minimal space.
  • Foosball – It may not be large enough to be the focal point, but a foosball table off to the side is always a great way to provide entertainment for the people waiting for the main event.

The Sidekick: Game Room Furniture

What fun is a game room if everyone has to stand the entire time? That’s why we believe that game room furniture is another game room essential that should not be forgotten. At Porch & Patio, we carry a full line of exquisite game room furniture that can flawlessly coordinate with the game table you choose. Whether you opt for barstools and bar tables, deluxe lounge chairs, or a full wet bar, your guests will appreciate having somewhere to sit, eat, drink, and be merry in between games.

The Finishing Touches

To finalize our game room essentials, we have to mention the perfectly themed décor. You want to complete the ambiance of your game room with the right lighting—such as focused lighting above a pool table—and properly themed wall art. And don’t forget the accessories you need to play the games, including shuffleboard bumpers, pool cue racks, and more.

We have all of the game room furniture you need right here at Porch & Patio. Stop by our Connecticut showroom today to see for yourself how awesome your game room can be.


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