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Looking to enhance your basement, game room, or man cave? Porch & Patio offers a wide selection of luxury pool tables from renowned billiards brand Plank & Hide. These high-quality tables aren’t just for entertainment – they also serve as stunning focal points that will add interest to any space.


Luxurious Billiard Tables for Any Taste

If you’re seeking the finest, smoothest-playing slate pool tables, you’ll find that Plank & Hide’s designs are ideal for both entertainment and competitive purposes. All Plank & Hide tables are exquisitely crafted to ensure they exceed your expectations, boasting exceptionally versatile and durable materials that allow them to become cherished heirlooms. When you invest in a Plank & Hide table, you can rest assured that it will be enjoyed generation after generation.

Elegant and Timeless Features

As a leader in the billiard entertainment industry, Plank & Hide is known for creating luxury products that are more than just game tables. Rather, their offerings serve as timeless and functional pieces of furniture that integrate beautifully into any décor. Plank & Hide pool tables are designed to create a high-end playing experience. Therefore, they take time to carefully source the finest materials from around the world to use in each piece.

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Porch & Patio has a variety of high-quality billiard tables for sale in CT. Whether you prefer industrial, vintage, or classic styles, we have the perfect option for your space. Plus, we’ll streamline your installation process by sending our team of professionally trained, licensed, and insured pool table movers to your home to set up your table.

For more information about how to buy Plank & Hide pool tables, contact us today!

Key Features:

  • Built with solid wood

  • Customizable to match your décor

  • Flawless installation

  • Heirloom quality pool tables

  • Attention to detail at every corner

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