How to Get Your Outdoor Space Ready for Entertaining in a Snap

If your outdoor space isn’t ready for your guests, you don’t have to worry. It’s quite simple to spruce up an outdoor area for entertaining. Whether you have a pool, patio, deck, lawn or other outdoor space, you can make it fit your needs with a few quick steps.

Set a Stylish Table and Provide Plenty of Seating

No outdoor party will be complete without some seating and tables for snacks and drinks. Mix a variety of seating, like folding chairs, beach chairs, patio sets and benches. Spruce up outdoor furniture with some bright, bold and textured new pillows and comfy throws draped over their backs. Plus, if you’re having a dinner party or lots of snacks, you’ll need to focus on tables. Whether you have a bunch of small tables or one long table, set each table for your party. Decorate it with a festive tablecloth or placemats. Use natural elements like plants, flowers or fruit as centerpieces. You could also use the food itself with decorative dish sets, towered appetizers and desserts as centerpieces. Fresh, bright colors and bold patterns work wonderfully for dishes and decorations on your outdoor table.

Add Exotic Touches

You can easily create an outdoor oasis with decor elements like water features, tiki lights and plants. A water element like a small pond, waterfall or fountain can make your space more exotic and help it feel like a special place away from the ordinary. Tiki lights are easy to place in the ground and they add light and excitement for entertainment purposes. You could also add some fire with a fire pit or a chimera. Spread some large tropical plants in big pots around your entertainment area to add interest and create borders. Choose plants like palm trees, bromeliads, hibiscus and cannas.

Create a Festive Atmosphere with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of the easiest ways to change an outdoor space. Lighting can create drama, romance and a feeling of being in a fantasy world. String up white holiday lights or specialty garden lights. You can find fun ones that come in shapes, like bugs or flowers, to make the string more interesting. Lit-up lanterns always make a space look more beautiful and you can hang them from string lights if you like. Candles and tiki lights offer another way to add lighting. These options give a space the vibrancy and life of fire, which always seems to tap into our primal nature and create some excitement.

Add Decorative Touches

Draw your guests’ eyes to decorative touches and they will remember your outdoor space as well-designed and festive. Choose wind chimes for nice, relaxing background noise. Add decorative elements like lawn statues, stained glass pieces and metal lawn art. Canopies or umbrellas add shade and decoration. You can use these pieces to decorate your outdoor space long after your party is over.


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