Introducing the Patio Heater You Have Been Searching For

We have long been believers in enjoying the outdoors for as long as possible. This means being able to stay outside even when the weather isn’t warm. With patio heaters, you can enjoy the fresh air late into the evening, early in the spring, and late into the fall—and with our new line of Outdoor Order heaters, your classic patio heater just got an upgrade.

About Outdoor Order

It’s safe to say that the patio heaters from Outdoor Order are like no outdoor heater you have seen. They are super sleek, freestanding heaters that run on propane, and they are just what your patio needs to sport an ultra modern vibe. Outdoor Order spent years creating their heaters, meticulously searching for the absolute best materials, finest finishes, and the most alluring designs. The result is their cutting-edge line of patio heaters that are not only gorgeous, but also extremely reliable and efficient.

A Peek at The Chic Patio Heaters from Outdoor Order

The lineup of modern heaters from Outdoor Order is quite impressive. They have multiple styles that are loaded with power and filled with pizazz. Here is an overview of the five patio heaters they have available—all of which include a three-year warranty, electric ignition, and a safety tilt switch:

  • Halo – This is as close to a traditional patio heater as the Outdoor Order lineup gets. With a classic silhouette, the Halo heater is simple to put together and is backed with 48,000 BTU. It can heat people as far as 10 feet away, and it can run for eight hours.
  • Prism – The Prism heater is super sleek and boasts a grand tower appearance. It comes fully assembled, includes a remote, and has 44,000 BTU. It will heat as far as six feet away, and it will stay up and running for 10 hours.
  • Apex – The Apex is identical to the Prism in appearance and specs, only smaller. Yes, it still heats just as far and runs for just as long—and it even has a remote—it just takes up less space.
  • Axis – If you are looking for a modern heater that is effortless to store, the Axis heater will be your new best friend. Not only does it have a six-foot heating radius and 12-hour run time, it is collapsible.
  • Curve – The Curve is undoubtedly the sleekest patio heater you have ever seen. Flaunting a silhouette similar to a cantilever umbrella, the Curve lets you sit right under the 32,000 BTU heat source instead of just being next to it. The Curve touts an easy assembly, a 12-foot heating radius, and a 12-hour run time.


If the Outdoor Order heaters don’t light your fire just yet, then you need to stop by our Connecticut showroom to see them in person. And if you do think they sound like exactly what you have been looking for, come in today before they sell out.


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