Benefits of Buying Patio Furniture at Our Connecticut Outdoor Furniture Showroom Instead of Online

In today’s world of ample e-commerce options, it’s no surprise that online sales of patio furniture are blowing up. However, we are firm believers that patio furniture should be purchased at a brick and mortar location. Why do we think this? For many reasons:

See the Quality of the Patio Furniture

One of the biggest reasons for varying price points in patio furniture is how well they are built, and it’s almost impossible to truly tell the quality from a picture. Sure, the product description could give you some detail, but until you actually see it and feel it in person, you won’t know exactly what you’re getting. At our Connecticut outdoor furniture showroom, you will know, without a doubt, that you are buying the finest patio furniture available. From our fully welded frames (no screws!) to our dye-permeated fabrics (no fading!), you can be confident you are getting patio furniture that will last for generations.

Know What Color You Are Getting

Again, a photo online is only half of the story. Based on the settings of your screen and the quality of the picture, you don’t really know what color the patio furniture is until it shows up on your doorstep. On the contrary, at our Connecticut outdoor furniture showroom, you get to see the items in person to make sure the color and texture are exactly what you want. You can even compare the colors with existing pieces you have to make sure it will look flawless on your patio or bring paint samples to match color.

Get the Assistance You Need

At our Connecticut outdoor furniture showroom, you get so much more than the ability to see and feel the patio furniture in person. We are here to assist you every step of the way to ensure your shopping experience is pleasant and you end up with exactly what you need. Some of our in-store services include:

  • Exterior Designers – Our patio furniture showroom employs some of the most talented designers in the state, and each one is here to help. They can help you mix and match various pieces, ensure the scale is correct for your space, and make sure the items you get will suit your specific needs.
  • Customer Service Specialists –We don’t believe in pushy sales tactics: We believe in giving you the time, respect, and education you need to make a purchase you can feel good about.
  • Delivery and Set Up – When you get your patio furniture delivered, our team will not only set up all of the pieces exactly where you want them, they will also inspect them for any damage. If any issues arise, we will take care of them immediately.

Support a Local Business

Porch & Patio is a local business that has been in Orange, CT since 1951. In fact, the current owner, Jeff Heitmann, began working in our original location when he was in high school. Today, Jeff is proud to bring the old-school customer service and ethics to his patio furniture company. When you visit Porch & Patio, you are supporting a local business that is dedicated to maintaining the customer service our company was founded on.

Visit our patio furniture showroom in Orange, Connecticut to discover our outdoor furniture and accessories first hand. You will easily see why shopping at our brick and mortar location is the best way to buy patio furniture.


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