We Price Match: But Not All Patio Furniture Is Created Equal


If you have ever done some online shopping, then you have probably noticed that there is a huge span of price ranges for patio furniture. At first glance, it may seem that some companies are just way over priced, but the fact of the matter is that patio furniture comes in a wide range of quality levels as well. So while we do price match, we only price match patio furniture that is the exact same quality.

Not All Patio Furniture Is the Same

When shopping online, it can be hard to tell the quality of the patio furniture you are considering. For all you know, the pictures could be photo-shopped, or they are just taken in really flattering lighting and strategic angles to hide their flaws. So it’s not a surprise that many of our customers are originally shocked by our prices when they have been looking at knock-offs and cheap brands online. However, once we show them the differences in our CT patio furniture, and explain how they are built to last for many years, not just one season, our customers begin to understand why there is a price difference.

Our Price Match Lets You Pay the Online Price

Once you realize that you are paying for quality at Porch & Patio, then you will understand the price variance. That being said, some online retailers do still offer lower prices than us because they simply don’t have the same overhead as we do. Even so, we are still willing to price match an online price as long as it is the exact same item. That means the online price has to be for the same brand, model, fabric, and finish. If it is, then we will price match it to get you the lowest price, but you will still get the benefits of purchasing from a brick-and-mortar store.

Experience the Patio Furniture in Person

The truth is that when you purchase something online, you never really know what you are going to get until it shows up at your doorstep. However, when you visit our Connecticut showroom, you can sit on the patio furniture and get a sense for what it will be like having such a luxurious piece of furniture on your own patio. You can inspect the construction and see just how sturdy each piece of furniture is. And above all, you will receive the kind of customer service you deserve. We will help you through every step of the purchasing process, from selecting the right type of furniture for your needs to finding designs that fit your preferred aesthetic to delivering the items straight to your patio.

If you are ready to upgrade your patio furniture in Connecticut, stop by our showroom today. We would love to show you what makes our patio furniture superior to the majority of the items you will find online.


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