Beginner’s Guide to Shuffleboard

The Beginner’s Guide to Shuffleboard

If you have never played shuffleboard before, you are missing out. It is easy to learn, fun to play, and some even call it addicting. And the best part is that our Legacy Billiards shuffleboard tables and Champion shuffleboards are built to last and won’t take up too much space in your CT game room. Are you excited to learn more? Good, because we are excited to tell you.

How Shuffleboard Got Started

Believe it or not, shuffleboard is dated all the way back to the 1400s. King Henry the VIII was an avid shuffleboard player; however, he banned the sport from the commoners because he felt it was too distracting (perhaps he was right). Since then, the sport has had its ups and down in popularity, but in 1995 it really became legit when the Table Shuffleboard Associated created the National Shuffleboard Hall of Fame. Finally, all of the pros everywhere could be recognized for their stellar shuffleboard skills.

All About the Shuffleboard Table

If you haven’t had a chance to visit our Connecticut showroom yet, you may not know what one of our Champion shuffleboards or Legacy Billiards shuffleboard tables look like. Basically, they are long and narrow (the official size is 22 feet long by 20 inches wide), with a smooth wooden surface on top. And, of course, beyond the playing surface there is a gutter for the pucks to go when they are knocked off. On each end of the table there are three sections for scoring—but more on that in a bit.

How to Play Shuffleboard

The game itself is really simple. Each player is given four weighted pucks of a different color. They take turns sliding each one down the table, with the goal of getting it as far as possible without it falling off. It seems basic enough, but the fun really begins when the players start hitting the other pucks to knock them out of play.

After all eight pucks are played, the pucks remaining on the table are scored accordingly—the section at the very end of the table gets three points, the one right before that get two, and then the section furthest away gets one point (if it’s on the line, it only receives the lowest applicable score). The game continues until one player reaches 15 points. If playing on teams of two, the winner has to reach 21 points. There are a variety of house rules that you will want to check on before beginning a game, but that’s the basics of play.

What is Shuffleboard Powder?

If you have been to our Connecticut showroom, then you have surely noticed the shuffleboard powder we have for sale. This little gem makes the game-play easier. It is sprinkled over the table (like you sprinkle parmesan on your spaghetti), allowing the pucks to glide across the wooden playing surface effortlessly.

Want to learn more about our fine collection of shuffleboard tables? Or even give some gameplay a shot? Visit our Orange, Connecticut showroom today. We would love to help you out.


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