Today’s Outdoor Furniture Lines Look Great – They’re Great for the Environment, too

One of the perks of having a beautiful lawn and garden is being able to sit outside and enjoy nature. Especially after a hectic day running errands or slaving away at work, few things are more relaxing than kicking back and taking it easy in your own version of Shangri-la. But to make the experience especially enjoyable, you need furniture that’s comfortable and durable.

Having furniture that was able to withstand temperature shifts, rain and beating sun used to mean relying on flimsy plastic garden chairs that rarely lasted more than one season. And when they did, they were usually so faded and discolored from sun exposure that you’d end up replacing them anyway.

Thankfully, advances in materials and design have resulted in furniture that’s supremely comfortable, durable, and designed to provide you with many seasons of relaxing pleasure. Both Seaside Enviro-wood and Breezesta™ Poly Outdoor offer furniture that was created specifically to withstand the rigors of nature. And because the furniture in both lines is composed of recycled plastic milk jugs and water bottles, they do their part by keeping useful, recyclable materials out of landfills.

Despite their humble origins, both lines offer the appearance of traditional wood furniture, so you can enjoy the high-end look of wood without the high maintenance.

Seaside Casual

Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Seaside Casual’s EnviroWood furniture will never rot or splinter, and it will never need painting or staining. An added UV inhibitor helps the furniture resist fading so it looks good for years to come. What’s more, HDPE wards off bacterial growth and won’t absorb moisture, so you never have to worry about rot.

The line’s sleek, modern feel borrows from the styles found along the seacoast, resulting in a casual yet contemporary feel that’s at home in any environment. Seaside Casual offers several collections in a wide range of finishes and styles so you can choose the combination that suits your own outdoor spaces.

Thanks to the use of sturdy construction techniques, Seaside Casual furniture offers a 20-year, limited warranty on both materials and workmanship.


Breezesta™ Poly Outdoor Furniture is also made of HDPE, and it offers the same advantages of the Seaside Casual line: rot-proof, mildew-resistant and not at all attractive to bugs or bacteria. It also won’t fade, peel or crack like traditional painted wood furniture. Breezesta™’s look is stylish and trendy, and with 20 vibrant colors to choose from, you can mix and match or stick with one color for all the pieces you select.

Both Breezesta™ and Seaside Casual offer a wide selection of pieces so you can be comfortable whether you’re relishing a meal, reading a book or enjoying a nap. And the range of styles means that no matter what look you’re hoping to achieve, you’ll find furniture that fits right in.

So say goodbye to flimsy plastic and lightweight aluminum, ta-ta to peeling, maintenance-intensive wood that’s just waiting for mildew, mold and insects to come calling. With Seaside Casual and Breezesta™, you can devote all the time you’d spend maintaining your furniture pursuing much more important activities — like reclining in the shade of your favorite tree, catching a few Zs.


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