How to Incorporate Your Interior Design Style into Your Outdoor Areas

Adopting a consistent design style helps your home feel more harmonious. However, this doesn’t stop when you step outside. In fact, as more homeowners are creating exterior areas for living and entertaining, one of the moment’s biggest outdoor living space trends is bringing the indoors out.

There’s a reason this idea has taken off in the design world: Incorporating your interior aesthetic in your exterior areas can help your space feel more like a natural extension of your home.

Read on to learn more about creating a cohesive indoor and outdoor home environment through mindful exterior design.

Go with the Flow

A lot more goes into creating inviting spaces than paint colors and furniture selection. While the most beautiful homes often seem to come together effortlessly, a number of factors contribute to an elegant result. These same factors apply to interior and exterior decorating projects.

This begs the question: If you’re decorating an outdoor space, what can you do to ensure a natural flow from the inside out?

Know Your Style

To answer this question, you should first take a few minutes to inventory your living space style. In some cases, you may have intentionally decorated your home in a particular aesthetic, such as modern, minimalist, industrial, Scandinavian, mid-century modern, traditional, or rustic. Or, you might have organically developed a theme simply by selecting the furnishings and colors that spoke to you.

Regardless of the scenario, carrying that style over to your patio, deck, pool area, or another outdoor area can help you create a more coordinated space and ensure that your entire home evokes the desired look and feel that expresses your taste.

Furniture Styles for Outdoor Living

Outdoor furniture is an obvious way to showcase your design style. The good news? Today’s high-end furniture manufacturers are rising to the challenge with options available in a wide range of styles. Plus, many furniture pieces are made with weather-resistant materials engineered to hold up to the test of time and taste.

Of course, the best furniture is about much more than how it looks. Comfort is also key, which is one of the reasons why deep seating furniture is so popular. Featuring plush, supportive cushions and ample room, deep seating sofas, loveseats, and chairs embody the ultimate in relaxation.

In addition to furniture, you can also reference other elements from your interior decorating scheme. These may include lighting fixtures, finishes, and paint and fabric colors. Remember: while everything doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, selecting a go-to color, finish, or fabric is a simple yet significant way to achieve continuity. For example, if your interior decorating style is rustic yet refined with lots of natural wood and earth tones, consider selecting outdoor furniture that echoes these characteristics.

The same applies to outdoor dining sets. While there’s a time and place for a good, old-fashioned picnic table, an exquisite outdoor dining set can have a transformative impact on your exterior space. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to get the most out of your exterior areas, other factors are also important, such as shade, lighting, and warmth. Umbrellas, outdoor light fixtures, and fire pits are additional opportunities to add beauty and functionality to your space. They can also help you keep the party going long after dark and Labor Day!

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