5 Ways to Enhance Your Pool Area

Whether you’re getting lost in a good book or catching some rays, pool days are one of the most amazing things about summer. When the lights go down, meanwhile, there’s nothing more relaxing than a dip in the pool after a long day of fun in the sun.

However, making the most of your pool relies on something else: having the right outdoor furniture. Read on for a roundup of five tips aimed at enhancing your pool area with outdoor furniture this summer.

1. Choose Ample Seating with Built-in Shade

When the temperatures soar, shade makes all the difference. Incorporating plenty of shady spots keeps everyone cool and comfortable. In addition to umbrellas and canopies, furniture with built-in shade is one of the moment’s biggest outdoor furniture trends. For example, a new generation of chairs, couches, and chaise lounges with overhangs, umbrellas, and retractable canopies represents the ultimate in poolside convenience.

Available in a variety of versatile design styles and durable outdoor materials and fabrics, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating an attractive and functional pool area with innovative seating.

2. Add a Hammock

Speaking of ample seating, decorating with enough pool furniture for guests is essential to ensure you’re using your pool area to capacity. One twist on seating sure to introduce an element of luxury? A hammock.

Ideal for reading, napping, or any other relaxing summer activity, hammocks have transformational potential when integrated into your outdoor decorating scheme.

3. Create a Poolside Bar

There’s only one thing better than a day by the pool: a day by the pool with your favorite cocktail in hand! Plus, if you plan on entertaining, outdoor bar furniture makes it easy to serve up frosty soft drinks, refreshing cocktails, and all of your favorite summertime beverages.

Depending on your space constraints and needs, there are many options for backyard patio bar ideas. An outdoor bar with stools is also suitable for adding seating in a pinch.

4. Invest in a Fire Pit

If you’ve ever gathered around a fire pit with friends and family on a chilly summer night, you know how fun and festive a feeling it is. In addition to creating unbeatable ambiance in your pool area, firepits also add warmth which – when combined with ample lighting – can help keep the party going long after the sun goes down. Plus…did someone say “s’mores?”

5. Get Cooking with an Outdoor Kitchen

Al fresco dining joins pool time as one of summer’s greatest pleasures. Adding an outdoor kitchen in your pool area brings these two things together. Your outdoor kitchen can be as basic as a fridge and grill, or it can include additional items like stoves and other kitchen appliances.

Of course, you’ll also need an outdoor dining set to create the complete experience. With the right lighting and other elements in place, an outdoor kitchen can expand the livability of your space beyond summer.

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