Do Gas Fireplaces Heat Your Home?

Gas fireplaces can heat areas of your home while saving you a ton of money in heating costs each year. Gas fireplaces of yesteryear had cool blue flames that could not hold a candle to your furnace and they certainly did not have a heart-warming aesthetic appeal. Today’s gas fireplaces really heat the place up with crackling, red-hot flames and realistic looking logs. You can even use modern gas fireplaces to heat your family’s favorite rooms.

Gas fireplaces work as home heating when you use them as part of a “zone heating” approach, which focuses on heating only those parts of your home that you use often. Simply install gas fireplaces in the most commonly used rooms of your home, such as your living room or game room, and then decrease the temperature in other rooms by a few degrees. The gas fireplace heat will radiate outwards to adjoining rooms, keeping the ambient temperature of your home in a comfortable range.

Choosing a Gas Fireplace to Heat Your Home

Some gas fireplaces are superior to others when it comes to heating your home. Always install new equipment to ensure you are using the most efficient heating/cooling technology available. Purchase your gas fireplace from a reputable dealer, preferably one with decades of experience in the porch, patio, and home improvement industry. Professional gas fireplace dealers can help you choose a model that will heat your home efficiently, inexpensively, and safely – and do it in style and elegance.

Choose fireplaces that reflect the form and function of each room you plan to heat. Vent-free fireplaces are excellent sources of clean, warm air that do not require bulky vent pipes and chimneys. You can install an efficient vent-free fireplace in almost any room you want to keep warm. These vent-free fireplaces are loaded with options that will warm your heart, including a wide variety of interior firebrick choices, trim finishes, and decorative face options.

Heating your home with a gas fireplace is clean and simple. Stop struggling with dirty wood, smoke, and nasty byproducts – just turn on the gas fireplace and soak in the warmth. Create comfortable seating arrangements around your gas fireplace to keep your family warm and cozy.

Gas fireplace heating saves you money while keeping your family toasty warm. The newest gas fireplace technology wastes no gas or electricity. For greater energy efficiency, install an ignition system that provides an ignition flame only when you need it. High-end gas fireplaces have a battery backup system so you stay warm even during a power outage.

Take a load off your tired, old furnace this winter with a beautiful, efficient gas fireplace that adds real warmth and value to your home. Replace your dirty, old-fashioned fireplace with a clean-burning gas model, or install a vent-free gas fireplace in a room that has never had one before. The newest gas fireplaces burn bright, warm and clean, to keep your family comfy and cozy even in the coldest weather.


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