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Top Nine Reasons Every Family Should Have a Game Room

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The biggest benefit to having a game room is that they are downright fun. Kids can play video games here on a snowy day, mom can show a slideshow to her garden club, and dad can hold his late-night poker games in a comfortable and impressive game room. However, there are some real-world benefits to having a recreation room. Here are the top nine scientific – and not so scientific – reasons every family should have a game room.

1.    Entertainment for the kids

A game room helps you enrich – and manage – your child’s gaming experience. According to, kids between the ages of eight and 18 use entertainment media for an average of 7.5 hours each day. Establish the game room as the sole entertainment media area of your home to make it easier to supervise your children’s gaming habits, from reviewing the games they play to restricting the number of hours they play.

2.    Entertainment for adult gatherings

Adults like to play, too. Create a space where adults feel safe enough to let their inner child out for an adventure.

3.    Encourages offline fun

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Game rooms are a great place to disconnect from the internet and reconnect with friends and family. According to Pew Internet, about 15 percent of adults age 18 and older do not use the internet or email; many of them say they feel the internet is irrelevant and frustrating – and they may have a point there. Pack your game room with billiards, darts, and other offline games as an exciting alternative to the electronic buzz of video games and cell phones. Appoint your adult game room with an inviting bar and comfortable bar stools so that it appeals to adults and children alike.

4.    Keeps your house clean

A game room reduces foot traffic and mess-making in other parts of your house. Your family and guests will naturally migrate to the game room, leaving other rooms of your home untouched.

5.    Exercise

Harvard Medical School suggests kids get an hour of exercise each day, and that adults engage in a minimum of one hour and fifteen minutes of moderate exercise each week. Put a ping pong, foosball, or air hockey table in your game room to encourage exercise. Your family will play their way to better health.


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6.    Relaxation

A game room is a place where you can be busy doing nothing at all.

7.    Increase the value of your home

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company says that you can expect a 50 to 80 percent return on an investment of a finished basement, which makes an excellent game room. Install carpeting then paint or panel the walls for a quick renovation; add a billiards table, and a bar to set the tone as a fun, comfortable room.

8.    Increase your own face value

Your friends will be so impressed – and jealous – when they see your game room! Invite your friends and co-workers over for gaming parties guaranteed to improve your social status.

9.    Solitude

A recent study published by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation shows that a little solitude may be better for your mental health than dealing with a poor relationship. Use your game room as a place to get away from it all – turn up the music, belly up to the bar or play a game of solitaire darts.

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