The King of Grills is Now at Porch & Patio in Orange CT

Barbecuing is a summer tradition here in Connecticut. There is nothing quite like gathering up your friends and family and grilling up some steaks and burgers for them all to enjoy. While there are a lot of great barbecues out there, we now carry Fervor Grills—the king of them all. This gas barbecue grill is amazing, and it is sure to give you the best cookouts of your life.

The minds behind Fervor Grills have been hard at work for the past two years developing the perfect barbecue. According to Casual Living, they spoke with professional chefs, retailers, and everyday, barbecue-loving folks like you to design a barbecue grill that produces delicious eats while being easy and safe to use. Here’s why you will love Fervor Grills:

It Produces Healthier Food

One of the most amazing things about Fervor Grills is their exclusive Grillsmart™ cooking plates. As you grill, the oil management system actually channels the fats and oils away from your food, so you get to enjoy the true flavor of the meat. To add to the amazing flavor that Fervor Grills produce, the grills and hot plates are made with cast iron to cook your food to perfection.

It Has Practical (and Awesome) Features

As crucial as delicious food is, you also want your barbecue to be simple, functional, and efficient—which is what Fervor Grills are. Check out these why-didn’t-I-think-of-that features:

  • Illuminated Control Knobs – Because barbecuing on a warm summer’s night is just about as good as it gets, and you need to be able to see.
  • Electric Lights – Again, you aren’t always going to barbecue in the daylight, so it’s a good thing Fervor Grills offer plenty of nighttime visibility options.
  • Timer – Seriously, genius. Every barbecue should come with one, since you aren’t exactly close enough to borrow the one on the oven.
  • Lockable Castors – Whether you are looking to protect your Fervor Grill from the rain, or you just want a change of scenery, you can easily move the grill, and then lock it in place when you are done.
  • Storage Drawers – For all of your grilling necessities. From spices to utensils, there’s room for it all.
  • Glass Hood – So you can tell if your food is cooking correctly without having to release all of the heat. It’s also insulated to reduce the temperature of the surface by as much as 25%.

It Comes in Different Sizes

Finally, Fervor Grills come in a variety of sizes and designs, since everyone has different needs. Their innovative barbecue grill includes three, four, or six burners, and some even include a Wok side burner or a rotisserie. Imagine how much grilled goodness you can cook with all of that at your disposal.

Want to experience all of the awesomeness of Fervor Grills for yourself? Stop by our Connecticut showroom today. We would love to show them to you—but be warned, you won’t want to go home without one.


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