5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat with Porch & Patio

Summers in Connecticut are undoubtedly gorgeous, but they are also make-you-sweat hot, especially when the humidity kicks in. But just because it’s burning up outside, that doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice the fresh air and stunning scenery that Connecticut has to offer. Now, with these five solutions from Porch & Patio, you don’t have to:

Stylish Umbrella

Nothing says shade quite like an umbrella. They are movable and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Our Treasure Garden umbrellas are made with the finest materials to ensure they will be able to withstand the scorching heat and humidity. You can even customize the finish of the pole and the color of the fabric. One of our favorites is the giant cantilever umbrella that they offer. Set it to the side of your dining area or lounge chairs to receive instant cooling off power for the whole gang.

Convenient Awning

Another excellent cool down solution is an awning. The Solair Shade Solutions awnings we carry are second to none in quality and ease of use. You can effortlessly extend it with a push of a button when you are feeling the heat of the midday sun, yet you can quickly retract it when the sun sets and you are ready to enjoy the stars. Our awnings also block 98% of UV rays, come in over 100 different fabric options, and can be customized to fit your exact space.

Relaxing Hammock

There’s no better way to take advantage of a calm breeze than to create your own. With one of our Twin Oaks Hammocks, you will be able to relax as the air circulates all around you, keeping you cool. These hammocks are made to last and come with a warranty to back up their claims of durability. And did we mention they are stunning?

Comfortable Furniture

When it’s really hot outside, the water is the place to be. Just one dip in the pool will make you feel like a whole new person. With our extensive line of outdoor furniture, your imagination is your only limitation when it comes to a place to lounge poolside. From our sling aluminum chaises to our EnviroWood Adirondack chairs, there are several options that are ideal to use by the water.

Sun-Blocking Plant

If you are looking for a scenic shade-creating option, plants are the way to go. They can block the sun and the neighbor’s view at the same time. And with the striking variety of planters from Alfresco Home, you don’t even have to sacrifice your stellar design aesthetic to plant the shrubs and trees you need.

Now that you have your shade and seating under control, it’s time to add in your favorite iced beverage and you are good to go. Don’t let the summer heat keep you inside; enjoy your summer with Porch & Patio’s outdoor furniture and accessories cooling you down. Visit our showroom today to see any of the above solutions in action.


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