Why Choose High-Quality Wooden Outdoor Furniture in Connecticut

While aluminum and wrought iron certainly have their place, there is something calming about high-quality wooden outdoor furniture that can’t be explained. Maybe it’s the soft hues and subtle grains, or perhaps it’s the stately appearance paired with comforting cushions. Whatever it is, we are all about high-quality wooden outdoor furniture in Connecticut. At Porch & Patio, we use two types of sustainably sourced high-quality wooden outdoor furniture, and they both offer plenty of allure.

Why Teak is Ideal for Outdoor Furniture in Connecticut

Teak outdoor furniture is probably the most common in Connecticut. Its golden color and soft finish draws you right to it, and its often-streamlined style fits right in with the Connecticut vibe. When made correctly (this is important—not all teak outdoor furniture is created equal), teak is incredibly durable and can withstand all of the elements this great state brings its way. Since it is full of oils to provide a natural barrier against time, sealers or finishes are not required. If not conditioned and treated as time goes on, the teak outdoor furniture will gradually turn a silvery gray hue, which is just as beautiful in its own right.

At Porch & Patio in Connecticut, our primary high-quality teak outdoor furniture provider is Gloster. The brand is renowned for its exceptional attention to detail, refined styles, and premium-grade materials, and it can be seen in the finest resorts worldwide.

Why Choose Ipe Wood for Your CT Outdoor Furniture

Ipe wood may not be as well known as teak in the high-quality wooden outdoor furniture world, but that’s only because it is just gaining traction. Just like teak, ipe wood is incredibly durable and naturally resistant to the elements. In fact, when put to the test, ipe wood can last for over 40 years without showing any signs of wear. If treated, it will still look new after 100 years or more. Additionally, ipe outdoor furniture is innately resistant to insect infestations, mold, and fungi.

The ipe wood we carry at Porch & Patio in CT is manufactured by Jensen Leisure Furniture, who is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) for their sustainable sourcing methods. Jensen Leisure Furniture crafts the epitome of high-quality wooden outdoor furniture: something made to last for generations.

While we focus on two types of high-quality wooden outdoor furniture, each material is available in an abundance of styles and layouts. Whether you are seeking a luxurious outdoor dining table to serve your guests or you desire a lush outdoor furniture seating area, our high-quality wooden furniture fits the bill. To explore our full collection of outdoor furniture in person, visit our Connecticut showroom today.


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