Why Choose Tropitone over Look-alike Outdoor Furniture in Connecticut?

It’s a common question: Why should I pay more for Tropitone, or other high-end outdoor furniture, instead of just purchasing the bargain sets at Target or Home Depot? We get it. To the untrained eye, they do look very similar in style, but if you look a little closer, you will see that they don’t even compare. Tropitone is far superior in quality and has a strong history of satisfied customers to back it up. Add-on the stellar customer service at Porch & Patio in Connecticut, and it’s easy to see why an investment in Tropitone is a smart one.

Superior Quality

Perhaps the most compelling reason to purchase Tropitone patio furniture is its incredible construction and high-quality materials. In fact, Tropitone started out as a commercial outdoor furniture company, and they continue to make every piece with the same standards to ensure it can withstand whatever is thrown its way. Here’s a look at a few of the features found on Tropitone’s patio furniture:

  • Triptone uses supreme aluminum finished in a bonded powder coating to increase its durability.
  • The vinyl used on Tropitone is 20% thicker than other outdoor furniture manufacturers, which helps reduce fading and mildew growth.
  • There are no bolts or screws on Tripitone outdoor furniture—the joints are all welded with aircraft-quality precision.
  • Even the fabrics, core cushions, and threads are crafted to withstand the elements in Connecticut.

Strong History

Just like Porch & Patio (we opened in 1950), Tropitone has a long history of satisfied customers. They began producing their outdoor furniture in 1954 and paved the way for the high-end patio furniture industry we know today. Their commitment to quality and innovative techniques continue to prove that they know what they are doing, and that they do it well.

Stellar Customer Service

The quality difference alone is reason enough to opt for Tropitone over mass-market outdoor furniture. However, when you shop at Porch & Patio in Connecticut, you get so much more. We always put our customers first and we are here for you throughout the entire purchasing process, and beyond. We will use our expertise to help you select the best Tropitone furniture for your wants and needs. Down the road, should you have a warranty issue or want to add-on additional pieces, we will be here to assist you with a smile.

So even though Tropitone outdoor furniture may cost you more upfront, it will actually save you money (and a lot of headaches!) in the long run. Instead of replacing your bargain set every season or two, you can rely on your Tropitone patio furniture to provide you with years and years of enjoyment.

There is no better time than now to freshen up your deck with Tropitone outdoor furniture. Our Factory Authorized Sale on Tropitone can save you an additional 20% off our everyday prices, and it extends throughout the entire month of April. Check out our Connecticut showroom today to see for yourself how amazing Tropitone outdoor furniture is.


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