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What Do You Really Get for the Higher Price Tag? A Lot

When it comes time to furnish your patio, you certainly have a lot of choices. From the big box stores to the department stores, everyone seems to have something up for grabs. But before the low price tags draw you in, take a step back and see what you are really getting. Surely you have heard that little saying about getting what you pay for, and it couldn’t be truer in the outdoor living world. Of course, the quality is superior when the price tag is higher, but there are many more reasons to invest in well-made furniture besides its durability.

The Purchase Is an Experience

When you buy high-quality patio furniture, you can plan on it being in your home for many years to come. That’s why we believe the purchase of it should be an experience. You shouldn’t have to buy something based on how it looks on the side of a box, and you certainly shouldn’t be expected to choose the perfect set without any information on what you are buying.

When you visit Porch & Patio, our casual living experts will work with you to uncover the best set to meet your needs while looking flawless on your patio. And if you don’t find your dream set in our Connecticut showrooms, chances are we can order it for you. If needed, we can even do an in-home consultation to provide our expert opinion on the ideal set for your space.

The Customer Service Is Unsurpassed

When you buy from a big box store, you will be lucky if you can even find an associate to answer your questions. You will be left to your own devices trying to get your purchase home, and don’t even think about trying to put it together without some headache medicine. And if you have a problem with the product in the future, you will probably be left calling an 800 number that leads to an overseas call center.

On the contrary, when you buy from Porch & Patio, we will be there every step of the way to take care of you. We offer good old-fashioned customer service, including delivery and set-up, thank you cards, and follow-up calls, and we never forget about you after the sale. If at any point in the future your furniture is not performing exactly as you would have hoped, we will always do our best to make it right.

The Owner Is Involved

Do you even know the owner’s name at the other places you’ve purchased furniture? Probably not. But at Porch & Patio, our owner, Jeff Heitmann, is very hands-on. He has personally chosen every single product that we carry, and he stands behind each one. Jeff can frequently be seen at both Connecticut showrooms, and you may even get a chance to chat with him when you stop by.

As you can see, there’s a lot more involved in a furniture purchase than just comparing prices. When you buy from Porch & Patio, you will be getting beautiful, well-made items from trusted brands, and you can rest easy knowing that from the moment you walk into our Connecticut showroom, you will be treated as if you were family.


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