Your Own Outdoor Oasis

Escape Everyday Life in Your Own Outdoor Oasis: Here’s How

If you are ignoring your backyard, you are missing out on a very valuable part of your real estate. Hidden away from your neighbors, this wide-open space is the perfect location for your very own sanctuary – a place for you to unwind at the end of a long day as you soak in everything that Connecticut’s weather has to offer. And it’s easier to put together than you may think. Here’s how:

Keep Comfort at the Forefront

As tempting as it is to choose outdoor furniture strictly by its appearance, it’s wise to remain practical. Yes, you want to enjoy looking at your lovely aluminum or wooden patio furniture from your window, but it’s more important that you enjoy sitting in it. When testing out different seating options, pay attention to where cushions hit your knees and neck, since these are the two main spots people complain about.

Make the Layout About Relaxing

Unless you plan on eating full four-course dinners on your patio, you are probably better off choosing outdoor furniture with lounging in mind. There are plenty of extremely cozy and cushioned lounge chairs that work great when placed around a fire pit or coffee table. You will still have a surface to place your glass of wine, but your body will also be enveloped with softness so you can completely relax.

Set the Mood with Lighting

If you followed the above option and already have a fire pit, you are on the right track to creating a tranquil environment. Another way to create this ambiance is with some Colonial Candles, since the subtle glow of these candles calms the soul. If you plan on enjoying a perfect Connecticut summer’s eve outdoors, you may also want a little heat, which our Lava Heat Italia patio heaters can provide without sacrificing style.

Remember the Finishing Touches

Now it’s time to accessorize. This is where you can really create an outside space that will wow. Decorating your exterior room is a lot like finishing off your interior rooms. The only difference is that the items you choose are made to withstand the elements. Here are a few ways to complete your outdoor living area with panache:

  • Outdoor Rugs – This will help make the space more inviting and sophisticated. Our Couristan outdoor/indoor area rugs are ideal because they are easy to keep clean and still have designer touches. You can also purchase a coordinated MatMates interchangeable doormat so the space blends together flawlessly.
  • Table Toppers – Even if you are shying away from a formal dining setting, you are still going to want to eat or drink something outside. Perhaps you have a bar top or a large coffee table that needs some sprucing up. Our outdoor tableware from Merritt, along with the Rockflowerpaper trays and placemats, can make any surface come alive.
  • Garden Accents – Finally, you don’t want to forget to create a stunning view to admire as you are relaxing. This is where our Alfresco Home collection comes in, and a variety of our Woodstock Chimes and Le Petite Chalet birdhouses and feeders can create a soothing soundtrack to complete the picture.

Your backyard space is all about you. Choose outdoor furniture and accessories that evoke feelings of relaxation and offer an escape from reality, and you will have your own private paradise to enjoy whenever you want. Contact Porch & Patio today!


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