How to Make Your Outdoor Area POP!

If your outdoor area is looking a little drab, especially after a Connecticut winter, one of the simplest and least expensive ways to fix it up is to add new furniture cushions. This way, you can create a whole new look without splurging on new outdoor furniture. Cushions allow you to play with colors and patterns to liven up your outdoor area and make it perfect for entertaining and everyday use. You can even switch your cushions depending on your mood, your event or current trends to keep your area looking fresh and stylish.

Decorating with Cushions

Your upholstery can be the starting point for an outdoor decorating theme. Look at the colors within your cushions and choose accessories that match them. You can also choose cushions to compliment your outdoor furniture. If you have a decorative wrought iron chair, you might want a solid color to avoid clashing with the chair’s design. In this case, choose a bright or bold color like orange or blue to make the look pop. If you have wooden patio furniture or wicker furniture, you could spruce it up with an exciting pattern.

Brighten with Colors

Color can create a calm space or a space with energy. Go for neutral and natural shades like tan and light green to celebrate the outdoors and create a subtle décor, or create bright bursts of color with turquoise, coral, red and other vibrant or dramatic shades. You can have one color as a standout or play with a rainbow of hues, depending on your preference. To create eye-catching interest, mix and match cushion colors or add pillows of a different color. You can play with complimentary or contrasting colors with your furniture upholstery and pillows.

Excite with Patterns

If you prefer a subtle decor style indoors, save your bold flair for your outdoor area. Using patterned prints for your cushion upholstery provides a great way to be bold. Try linear patterns like stripes and zigzag lines or more organic patterns like leaves, animal prints or flowers. Patterns draw the eye and make spaces fashionable and inviting. You can also play with colors through bright or toned down patterns, depending on your desire. For a more subtle way to add interest, use patterned pillows with solid color cushions. This look won’t be overwhelming and it will add depth and excitement to your patio area.

Focus on Fabrics

Outdoor fabrics have come a long way over the years in comfort, so you can feel like you’re sitting in your living room while you’re enjoying your patio chair or sofa. Sunbrella fabrics can protect your cushions from Mother Nature, as well as from man-made spills and accidents. That way, your colors and patterns will stay as bright and clean as the day you purchased the material.

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