Dine With Adventure – Add a Fire Pit Dining Table to your Outdoor Room

Many years ago, it was possible to enjoy with family and friends a fabulous restaurant dinner prepared right in front of you on a grill at your table. The savory scents of roasting meat and vegetables, the serious face of the chef intent on food preparation and the anticipatory chatter of your intimate group all combined to create a special dining bliss. The eating establishment described continues to do a great business after many years, perhaps because of the innate human desire to enjoy fire, food and friends together.

2014 01 02 Fire Pit3Today you may enjoy this type of dining on your own porch or patio when you purchase a dining table made with a fire pit inside. Many famous designers have created their own version of fire-pit dining. Two such designers are OW Lee and Oriflamme Designing Fire. Some tables are versatile and can transform from fire-pit mode to standard dining table. Others are designed chiefly for fire-pit use. Fires can be based on propane, gas or wood fuel. Aluminum is a durable table material. Glass fiber reinforced concrete looks beautiful as a surface material, but it is heavy and also porous so it may lack the durability you seek.

2014 01 02 Fire PitOW Lee Fire Pit Tables

The bases of OW Lee tables are made from galvanized steel and wrought iron. These materials need a protective coating, otherwise they’ll rust. Most tops use porcelain material tile. There is usually a two-year warranty, but they also manufacture tables with cast aluminum tops, and these are far more durable.

2014 01 02 Fire Pit2Oriflamme Designing Fire

Oriflamme has a number of fire pit tabletops in stone, marble, copper and granite.  Each table is created by the customer, who chooses a table top, burner design and artistic glass to match their outdoor décor.

Oriflamme is favored by designers, architects and affluent consumers. Their table tops come in round or square, ranging from 38′ across to 48′.  With over 20 different colors of fire glass, your new table/fit pit will match any outdoor furniture or style. Accessories like different burners, protective metal lids and all-weather fabric covers will help keep your fire-pit table  looking great for years.

2014 01 02 Fire Pit5Classic Design Chat Table with Fire Pit

This cast aluminum outdoor table has a diameter of 4 feet and is ideal for outdoor use. Its casual style is compatible with just about any type of decor. Because it’s constructed from lightweight material, it’s easy to lift and can be moved just about anywhere, even if your physique is more like Tinker Bell’s than Popeye’s.This table is fabricated using quality processes and materials but is moderately priced. Features include casual design, built-in fire pit and powder-coated cast aluminum construction, and it measure 22 inches in height with a diameter of 4 feet.

From custom design to traditional cast aluminum design and construction, the ideal fire pit is in your future.


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