3 Steps to Create an Outdoor Living Room

A lot of people talk about bringing the outdoors inside, but we believe it’s just as great to bring the feeling of your living room to your patio. There’s something about the coziness of an almost fully decorated room that makes you want to savor the moment, and when you combine that feeling with fresh air and the sounds of nature, it gets even better. So how do you mimic the look of the inside of your home outdoors? It’s easy:

Step 1: Find an Outdoor Rug

Before you do anything, you need to choose an outdoor rug. A rug is crucial because it will ground the space and make it feel more put together and homey. Outdoor rugs look a lot like indoor ones, except they are thinner, sun-resistant, and water-resistant. Find an outdoor rug with a bright color scheme and make it as big as you can fit in your space. This is the basis for the rest of your outdoor living room.

Step 2: Select Outdoor Furniture

If you haven’t been shopping for patio furniture lately, you might be surprised at how much of it looks like it could be in your actual living room. Manufacturers today are all about creating cozy sofas, loveseats, and lounge chairs that are easily maintainable outdoors, while also featuring fabric options that mimic the colors and patterns you will find in any indoor furniture showroom.

Design a layout just like you would inside, pairing a sofa with two chairs, opting for a sofa and a loveseat, or going with several lounge chairs in a conversational setup. Whichever layout you decide on for your outdoor living room, you can choose from these patio furniture options:

  • Wood – There are two main kinds of wood outdoor furniture that will look amazing on your patio and will last for years to come. The teak furniture from Gloster has a golden glow and sophisticated silhouette, while the ipe wood from Jensen Leisure features a warm dark brown color.
  • Poly-wood – This sustainable outdoor living room furniture looks just like wood, but it is made with eco-friendly materials. The Seaside Casual collection offers a variety of deep-seating options, ottomans, coffee tables, and end tables.
  • Wicker – Natural wicker is very popular indoors, but it just won’t make it outside. Luckily, companies like Lloyd Flanders exist so you can enjoy the traditional, inviting look as part of your outdoor living room.

Step 3: Add Accessories

Now it’s time to add in the small details that can make a huge difference. This includes outdoor cushions and throw pillows, lanterns, outdoor lamps, and plants (real or fake allowed—just choose the silk plants made for outdoor use). To really make your outdoor living room complete, consider adding on an awning or fire pit. These not only add ambiance, but they can extend the hours of the day you can use your gorgeous new outdoor living room.

When you combine cozy outdoor furniture with long-lasting patio accessories, you have an outdoor living room that you are sure to prefer over your indoor one. Stop by Porch & Patio in Orange, Connecticut, today and one of our exterior designers would love to help you create your own outdoor living room.


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