Using Fervor Grills While Entertaining Guests

At Porch & Patio, we love summer barbecues and Connecticut backyard parties. When entertaining in the backyard, we know it can be difficult to tend the grill while still making sure that your guests are having a good time. That’s why Fervor Grills are really good for entertaining; read on to learn why. 

Watch the Temperature

We enjoy the Fervor Grill’s built-in temperature monitoring, timer, and glass hood. These unique features let you peek at the food, monitor the temperature, and tell how things are cooking without having to open the grill lid. When you know how long items need to cook for, and at what temperature, you can ensure perfection every time.

Divide and Conquer with Zoned Cooking

One of our favorite features of Fervor Grills is their cooking zones, which allow you to heat different parts of the grill to different temperatures. You can place buns on a low setting to gently heat while you flip burgers, or cook veggies on a high heat while you slowly grill fish. Different zoned cooking is a must if you are getting serious about grilling and entertaining with your grill. When you know that everything is cooking properly, you can greet guests without being tethered to the grill.

Clean Up Quickly

Once you’ve cooked all the food, Fervor Grills make it easy to clean up quickly so you don’t have a mess waiting for you next time you grill. Scrub the grill grates with a stiff-bristled brush to remove bits of food and prepare the grill for the next time. The Clean-Touch coating on the Fervor Grill hoods wipes down quickly and cleanly with just soap and water, so your grill stays in good shape in between backyard entertaining and family dinners.

Have you seen our line of Fervor Grills? Stop by our Orange, Connecticut showroom to check out these beauties, and maybe even take a grill home.



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