Outdoor Ping Pong Tables Bring the Fun to Backyard Gatherings

In Connecticut, we know that backyard picnics, barbecues and other gatherings bring people from all different walks of life together. During the best, most memorable backyard gatherings everyone from these different crowds mingles and has a great time. When people don’t mingle, these backyard gatherings can feel subdued. We’ve found a simple solution that takes the stress off of hosts and works well for crowds of all ages is to incorporate games. Our outdoor ping pong tables might be the solution you need to make easy home entertaining a breeze.

Why Ping Pong? 

Ping pong is one of those games that can be really fun whether you’re totally new to the sport or you play on a secret underground table tennis league. Families love ping pong since the paddles are sized just right for small hands. Doubles games of ping pong promote teamwork, allow more people to play, and provide the perfect icebreaker at a backyard party.

Our Kettler Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

At a backyard event, no one wants to head into the house or into the garage to play ping pong. That’s why we stock Kettler ping pong tables specially designed for outdoor use. Over the last 30 years, Kettler has developed a reputation for quality leisure and fitness products that enhance your enjoyment of life.

The UV resistant finish holds up over time; the weatherproof sealed aluminum retains its quality through multiple seasons of outdoor use. Kettler ping pong tables are built to withstand Connecticut’s seasonal weather changes and provide lasting enjoyment for your family. You can safely leave the table out all summer long or, if you want to reclaim space, fold it for compact, secure storage.

Socializing With Ping Pong

Odds are, party guests will be familiar enough with basic table tennis rules to make singles or doubles ping pong easy and fun. When you want to go beyond that, there are many other games you can play on an outdoor ping pong table. With two red solo cups, you can plan a version of ping pong basketball. Kids can be easily entertained with ping pong blow, where opponents compete to blow a ping pong ball across the table by blowing air through a drinking straw. Finally, let’s not forget a round of beer pong for adult entertainment!

With an outdoor ping pong table, you’ll secure your place as the premier party host in your circles. Spice up your next party and stop by Porch & Patio to pick up one of our outdoor ping pong tables. We also carry a range of indoor game room tables.


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