Five Must-Have Billiards Room Accessories

There’s a reason why billiards tables are the stars of many game rooms: They are a fun way for family and friends to connect while playing an exhilarating game of pool. However, your job isn’t done once you decide to purchase a pool table. You also need the right billiards room accessories to optimize your pool table’s functionality and protect it.

Below, we’re discussing five essential pool table accessories to add to your game room. Let’s take a look!

1. Tip Shaper and Chalk

Many factors go into determining the quality of your pool game. When it comes to the pool cue itself, the majority of people would argue that the tip is the most vital element due to the control it has over your shot. Because of this, it’s important to keep your cue tip in peak condition. Depending on your needs, there are many different tip shaping tools available, including multi-purpose models that incorporate shaping, scuffing, and picking capabilities.

Chalk may be small in size, but it also has a big impact. Stock up on chalk – and use it frequently – to stop the cue from sliding off the ball and ruining the shot. Not only does “chalking up” prevent miscues by adding friction at the point of contact, but it also gives players extra time to focus and pace themselves between turns.

2. Pool Table Lighting

Overhead pool table lighting serves both form and function. In addition to providing critical illumination to see by, it also adds an element of style and sophistication to your game room or other gathering space.

Pool table lighting is available in various styles, from clean and contemporary pendant lights to Tiffany-style fixtures featuring vintage pool table light shades. While lighting may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of pool tables, it’s actually an important consideration among game room accessories.

3. A Pool Table Cover

While pool tables offer a tremendous amount of value in terms of the endless hours of entertainment they provide, they’re also an investment. The greater care you take to safeguard yours from threats like spills and direct sunlight, the better you can protect your investment by extending its lifespan and maintaining its condition.

Like all pool table accessories, pool table covers are available in a variety of styles ranging from lightweight vinyl to heavy-duty foam and cloth. Some can even be used to convert your pool table to a practical surface for non-pool purposes. Before choosing a pool table cover, take time to consider your specific needs and goals to select one that best fulfills them.

4. A Scoreboard

You may be playing just for fun, but why not keep score while you’re at it? Scoreboards and scoring beads make it easy to keep track of who’s winning and who’s fetching the next round of drinks.

Another reason to invest in a scoreboard? They’re available in many styles, which can enhance the ambiance of your game room.

5. Cue Racks

Not only are cues costly, but they also perform better when they’re in top condition. Cue racks offer convenient storage that protects them from accidentally becoming damaged. Plus, when it comes to organizing your game room, these space-saving billiard table accessories keep everything tidy and looking its best.

Keep in mind that not all cue racks are created equal. While basic models are affordable and work in a pinch, Legacy’s patented “Perfect Drawer” is the gold standard of billiard accessories. This ingeniously designed alternative to traditional cue storage provides space for cues, billiard balls, racks, brushes, chalk, and more, while also attaching to your table and tucking neatly out of sight when not in use.

Other reasons to love the Perfect Drawer? It’s easy-to-install, fits most major pool table brands, features high-quality details like felt lining, and utilizes innovative airlift technology.

Ramp Up Your Pool Game with Help from Porch & Patio

Whether you’ve been thinking of improving your home with the addition of a pool table or you already have one and want to enhance it with complementary accessories, Porch & Patio has you covered. We invite you to visit our Connecticut showroom to browse our extensive selection of billiard tables, air hockey and foosball tables, game room accessories, home furniture, and more. Or, reach out to our team today for assistance in finding the perfect piece!


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