Everything You Need to Know About Furniture Delivery During COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted nearly every aspect of life. While the healthcare, travel and tourism, and finance sectors may be the first industries that come to mind when we think of the effects of the pandemic, no area is immune – including retail.

By now, you may have heard about (or experienced for yourself) shipping delays caused by COVID-19. Here’s a closer look at why they’re happening, along with how the Porch & Patio team is doing everything we can to ensure that our valued customers receive their furniture in the safest and most timely manner.

Why Are There COVID Shipping Delays?

There are a few reasons the pandemic has resulted in shipping delays. For starters, there’s the fact that many people have turned to online shopping over the past 10 months. In fact, more than 52 percent of Americans said they were avoiding physical stores because of the Coronavirus outbreak, according to Statista data. This increased demand has caused some slowdowns.

However, more online shopping is just part of the problem. Many companies are operating with fewer employees due to social distancing requirements. Additionally, while sending and receiving shipments has been deemed safe by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), stricter health and safety guidelines are in place, which can compound delays. Not only does this directly impact transportation, but limited workforce availability and other factors have caused slowdowns across the entire supply chain.

Furniture Shipping & Delivery During COVID-19

At Porch & Patio, we’re committed to getting your purchases to you as quickly and easily as possible. Because of this, all of our orders are processed the very next business day.

While each of the manufacturers we partner with has its own current production time and availability, the average timeline is between four and six weeks. If you have a question about the availability or time table for a specific product we carry, we encourage you to reach out to our customer service team.

Although some aspects of order fulfillment and shipping are out of our hands, we assure you that we are doing everything to ensure that the process is as streamlined as possible. Our customer service team also prioritizes keeping our customers informed about what to expect regarding furniture delivery during the pandemic.

If you know you’ll need a piece of furniture by a specific date, we encourage you to place your order ahead of time and, of course, to let us know about your time constraints. We will do our best to make sure your new furniture gets to you well before you need it.

Shop for High-Quality Outdoor Furniture at Porch & Patio

While the pandemic has challenged people in numerous ways, there is the occasional bright spot – including the fact that many families are spending more time together in their homes. So why not make yours as beautiful and functional as possible?

From game room furniture to outdoor furniture and accessories, Porch & Patio carries everything you need to create the warm and welcoming home of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more about our shipping policies or to start bringing your indoor or outdoor design vision to life with high-quality furniture!


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