Outdoor Furniture Showroom Boosts Our E-Comm Site

People love to shop online. Getting to relax on a comfortable sofa while reading reviews in your pajamas is just so much easier than having to put on real pants and drive to a store. Convenience is one of the reasons that many of Porch & Patio’s selections can now be purchased via the World Wide Web—we like to keep our customers happy. However, we will never become an online-only store because we feel that having a physical store and showroom works hand-in-hand with the e-commerce site in order to benefit you, the customer. Here’s how:

Superior Customer Experience

Sure, everyone likes the convenience of purchasing online, but it is near impossible to tell quality and comfort with a two-dimensional picture. Outdoor furniture is one of those products that you really do need to see, feel, and experience in order to know which styles and options are right for you. Not only that, but the difference in quality between a high-end brand (like the ones we carry) and a mass-market store’s offerings are vast. These differences are hard to identify from a picture. However, in person, you can instantly tell the quality and value when it comes to outdoor furniture. By having both an outdoor furniture showroom and an online purchasing option, our customers can start in store and complete their purchase at home, or they can do some preliminary shopping before heading into our brick and mortar location for personalized service.

More Purchasing Options

The truth is that in the high-end furniture world, most people do not make a purchase on their first trip to the store. Our products are truly an investment, so we understand that our customers want to take their time to make sure they are choosing the best patio furniture for their needs. They want to compare color schemes, take measurements, and consider whether they want to splurge for some upgrades. When they do make up their mind, they get the ease of going online to complete their order.

Improved Brand Trust

While there are a lot of legit online outdoor furniture companies, there are also plenty of shady ones who are just looking to make a quick buck. This makes it difficult for consumers to trust a company they are not familiar with. However, with a brick and mortar store and outdoor furniture showroom, Connecticut customers are able to meet and talk with the managers and staff (and sometimes even the owner) in person. This cements their trust in the business from which they are considering a purchase. They will feel confident giving out the personal information necessary to complete a purchase on the Internet.

At Porch & Patio, we understand how important the customer experience, purchasing options, and brand-trust is to today’s consumers. By adding e-commerce to our outdoor furniture company, while still retaining our brick and mortar store, we feel like we are offering our customers the best of both worlds.

Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping, or you love the experience of shopping in person, Porch & Patio is here to meet all of your outdoor furniture and accessory needs.



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