How Porch & Patio Makes It Easy to Shop Local

Shopping locally is one of the best ways to find unique pieces for your home while supporting businesses in your community. Furniture shopping locally also comes with another advantage: a level of care, attention, and personalization that is difficult – if not impossible – to replicate online.

At Porch & Patio, we take great pride in making sure our customers’ needs are not only met but exceeded. This starts and ends with an exceptional in-store shopping experience. Here’s a closer look at why you should shop local for outdoor furniture and more at Porch & Patio:

An Extensive Showroom

While catalogs showcase pieces and their descriptions, there’s no substitute for experiencing a particular product in person when you’re shopping for furniture. Located in Orange, Connecticut, our store is home to a large showroom that gives shoppers the chance to see our outdoor furniture, game room furniture, and accessories up close and personal. It also offers the opportunity to see various products side-by-side, which can be especially useful if you’re deciding between multiple options. Of course, you can’t tell how a particular piece of furniture will feel when you see it in a catalog or on a webpage. Shopping local gives you the chance to “try before you buy.”

Above-and-Beyond Customer Service

Furniture is not a small investment – and we’re not just talking about your budget. Due to its potential to enrich how you live in your home, furniture is also an investment in your quality of life. The takeaway? Choosing well is important.

When you shop in person at Porch & Patio, you do so with the peace of mind that comes with knowing our friendly and attentive staff will be at the ready to help with any questions or concerns that arise. Whether you have a specific question about customization options for a piece of patio furniture or a game table, or you have a more general design inquiry, we’re eager to help guide you to a solution.

When we talk about above-and-beyond customer service, we mean it. We challenge you to find an online store that will pick up your outdoor furniture and store it for you during the winter. That’s how committed we are to your satisfaction – and to helping you protect your investment.

Customer-First Furniture Shipping and Returns

The exceptional customer service you receive at Porch & Patio isn’t limited to your time with us in the store. Rather, it carries through until your new patio furniture is in your possession through our shipping and return policies and manufacturer warranties.

For starters, all Porch & Patio orders are processed the next business day. This ensures that your purchases get to you as quickly as possible. While the availability timetable for the products we carry varies depending on the manufacturer, we are always happy to reach out on your behalf to keep you informed regarding when to expect your new furniture.

Lastly, we are only happy when our customers are happy. To that end, our return policy is designed to be as accommodating as possible.

Shop Local for Patio Furniture and More at Porch & Patio

There’s a reason why family-owned Porch & Patio has been in business for more than 70 years. We’ve built our devoted customer base through a combination of quality products, a dedicated staff, and top-notch customer service – and we’re committed to growing and evolving to continue to provide the best furniture and customer service available.

Contact us today to talk to a Porch & Patio team member or learn more about visiting our outdoor furniture showroom in Orange, Connecticut.


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