How to Turn a Balcony into an Entertainment Space

An outdoor balcony is one of the best features an apartment building can offer, especially if you’re an avid entertainer and enjoy the outdoors. This suspended sweet spot allures the imagination by providing an extended space for everyday living, enjoying drinks with a view, gardening, and hosting parties. 

Whether you’re looking for a place to catch some afternoon rays or want to create a space to host family and friends, your balcony is a prime location. All it takes is just the right mix of decor and furniture to design an outdoor venue perfect for hosting company. If you’re new to the home decorating game, finding the right balcony furniture and decor can be difficult.

Luckily, our experts are here to point you in the right direction and help you create an entertaining space that is sure to impress. Here are some balcony furniture ideas to help you transform this ordinary space into an extraordinary one. 

Balcony Design Ideas: Furniture for Balcony Parties

If you’re planning to host guests, your balcony must provide basic creature comforts like seating. A balcony table and chairs are a must-have set, perfect for relaxing and enjoying each other’s company over drinks. If you’re planning on hosting small, intimate gatherings, you could opt for a loveseat or three-piece sofa, perfectly paired with small balcony tables. 

Looking to create a relaxing space for guests to soak up some sunshine? Consider a hammock or comfortable, deep-seating outdoor furniture from Porch & Patio

When it comes to apartment balcony furniture, one important consideration is how much space you’re working with. You won’t want to overcrowd your balcony, which could leave guests feeling a bit cramped. So make sure you plan accordingly and opt for smaller furniture sets. 


When you envision your outdoor entertaining space, what colors come to mind? You’ll want to choose furniture in hues that will complement the mood of your gatherings and speak to your unique design aesthetic. Mix and match patterns to brighten things up! Collaborate colors to create a cheerful and inviting space, and finish off the look with an outdoor rug to pull it all together.

The Little Details

Now that you’ve got your furniture and color palette all squared away, spice things up with simple accents to enhance your space. For lighting, strategically place a weather-resistant patio lamp or opt for solar GED string lights to create an extra enchanting environment.

If you’re into a more zen aura, some plants will bring balance to your balcony. Invest in hanging plants or intricate flower pots to showcase your sense of style. Whatever you decide to do, your balcony should be an extension of your interior decor and tastes. A well-thought-out design will serve you and your guests for years to come. 

At Porch & Patio, we are dedicated to helping our customers create the home of their dreams with furniture designed to inspire. For our avid entertainers, elevate your home and balcony with our quality-crafted creations for comfort and style. For more information about how our furniture can transform your balcony into a beautiful entertaining space, contact our team!


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